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WELCOME TO THE EDITOR-IN-CHIEF’S SURVIVAL GUIDE. It’s intended for college editors. But pros who run small newsrooms might learn something, too.

Of course, this raises a fair question: “Who the hell are you?”

In college, I was editor of the nation’s largest student newspaper, and the first to be re-elected in its century-long history. Since then, I’ve been EIC of a half-dozen small publications – because, to be painfully honest, I’m not talented enough to get hired as EIC at a large publication.

Thus, the information below is from personal experience and observation. Not theory and happy thoughts.

If you’re a budding journalist, you should already be developing a keen BWS (Bullshit Warning System). So if any of this doesn’t pass your smell test, ignore it…

I’m adding new guides as they occur to me. If they occur to you, email me and I’ll do it. If you have edits and/or additions to existing guides, holler. If I make changes based on your suggestions, I’ll send you a free Journoterrorist T-shirt.