Here’s the deal (and it is a deal)…

Buy a Journoterrorist shirt for $20, and shipping is already included. Choose from the following crappy colors: Lime green, snot green, hot pink, bright blue, dull gray, or obnoxious orange. (There’s no black or white, sorry.)

Or you can spend a measly $10 and we’ll send you a shirt in your size – but we choose the ugly color.

The front features the misunderstood Journoterrorist logo. The reverse has our slogan: “Shit happens. We cover it. Since 2011.”

Coming soon in time for the holidays: Payment options through PayPal and Venmo. We’ll also barter guns, drugs, bitcoin, and legal advice. For now, if you want a shirt, email for details.

Every order comes with a pair of Journoterrorist stickers…