What’s great about conventions…

1. For a few blessed days, you escape the mundane routine that bleeds the passion from your soul.

2. You bond with fellow staffers you either didn’t know or didn’t like. (Sadly, some confirm your suspicions: They’re indeed assholes.)

3. You get jacked up from all the lessons you’ve learned – and you vow to go back home and set the place on fire.

What sucks about conventions…

One week later, you realize nothing will ever change.

Those who were inspired at the convention are outnumbered by the lethargic losers who stayed behind. Even minor improvements require maximum effort.

It’s like pushing an Escalade uphill. In flip-flops. In the rain.

What you can do about it…

All is not lost. Which means: Something is indeed lost.

You can’t save your entire college media program. You can save yourself and a few others who actually give a damn.

Here’s how.

This site – which has nothing to sell and therefore no reason to sell out – offers the following post-convention advice in brutally plain English:

If you’ve read this far and see me at this or any other convention, ask me for “a cheap weird prize” and you shall receive one.