Today is Friday, July 19, 2013.

This image is a screenshot from yesterday’s SPJ homepage.

See where it says, Check out SPJ’s International Journalism Committee Blog? Then it says, Latest entries?

In this case, “latest” means 2012. That’s right, none of the posts SPJ touted yesterday were written in 2013.

That’s not even old news. It’s friggin’ history.

Deja new

This may seem vaguely familiar. In May, I wrote about the same damn thing.

Back then, I was irate/incredulous that the nation’s largest journalism organization was defining “latest” as “12 to 24 days ago.”

I’ve since devised three hypotheses…

1. No one in SPJ reads my screeds.
2. SPJ doesn’t give a runny dump about looking stupid.
3. SPJ is purposefully pimping year-old posts as big fat middle finger to this particular board member.

I don’t care which is correct (although that last one appeals to my vanity). I just want to fix this crap. Here are three easy ways.

1. Do less

Look at that graphic at the top of this post again. See the “latest entry” that reads, French Journalist held by Columbian guerrillas? Fifth one down?

Yeah, he was released 14 months ago.

Ever since SPJ’s “latest entry,” he’s written, filmed, edited, and released a documentary about his ordeal.

So here’s an idea: Let’s just not mention old news anymore.

Doesn’t it take less time not to do stupid shit than to actually do it? Who do I have to kneecap to make them stop wasting their workday embarrassing SPJ?

2. Pimp the good stuff

Let’s make a policy that all SPJ blogs get tweeted by SPJ. We have so many policies, what’s one more?

My blog post yesterday – about journalists and prostitutes – wasn’t good enough to get tweeted by SPJ. But it was good enough to get touted by Jim Romenesko.

That’s the third time this year both of those things have happened. I’m beginning to think it’s personal.

Not that it matters, I guess. My blog had 574 views yesterday, 202 from Romenesko. According to executive director Joe Skeel’s stats, that’s more than the four most popular SPJ posts from last week combined (553).

Sour grapes? Sure. When I carve out time to write something thoughtful for an organization I volunteer for, it’d be nice to get a tweet every now and again. Even obnoxious people have feelings.

Another hypothesis…

If SPJ will promote new posts instead of old ones, more members may want to write them.

3. Do less even more

Get rid of the bloated blog landing page, which has 14 blogs but only three whose latest posts are from this week – and two whose latest are from last year.

Instead, anyone who writes a post gets it splashed on the SPJ homepage. No more wasted time designing groovy graphics for old news.

Is anyone listening? If you’ve made it this far: What’s the definition of a dyslexic agnostic amnesiac? “Someone who sits up all night wondering if there’s a Dog.” Seriously, I expect nothing to happen.